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Fast Release From Jail
Our professional agents are available anytime day or night to secure the release of you or your loved ones from jail for the duration of the court case.
Continued Support
We'll work to ensure that the defendant is always up to date on what they need, where they need to be, and when they need to be there as the trial progresses.
Fully Licensed Agents
A–1 bail bond service guarantees the lowest legally filed premium rate on bail bonds in the state of Indiana. No one has lower prices and more professional.

Let us help you!

We believe in the standard that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, as well as your Constitutional right to bond and to be released on bail prior to trial.

We treat you with the highest standards of service, respect, and professionalism in a non–judgmental manner. We believe you have the right to know up–front, every cost associated with bail bonding; no hidden fees and no surprises

Service Areas

Indiana's premier provider of bail bond services!

A–1 covers all of Northern Indiana, including Koskiusko, Allen and all surrounding counties. In all, Mark and Michelle Alfano are registered bail agents in 38 Indiana counties.


"When a member of my family was arrested, Mark and Michelle were there for me. Thanks to them I was able to get a loved one out of jail that same day and home for Holidays. I would recommend them to anyone needing bail!"
Jessica, Elkhart